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What is digital rights management

At Intertek Inform we supply Standards from many different publishers.

Some publishers have specific requirements around the way their intellectual property is distributed and how their copyright is protected.

As a result, we have implemented technology that will assist your organisation to meet the publisher requirements and not commit unintended copyright license violations.

Additionally, users must be connected to the Internet to access the documents online.

How can I open and access DRM (Digital Rights Management) pdfs?

You will only be able to access DRM protected PDFs by using a supported PDF reader or app for your mobile device.

This will need to be installed on your computer or device. The IT policies of your organisation may require you to engage with your IT team to approve the installation of the plugin or Acrobat Reader. We encourage you to engage with your IT team now to understand if they need to be involved.

Where can I download supported PDF readers, apps or plug-in for my computer or mobile device?

Are there any other alternative PDF readers other than Adobe Acrobat or Reader?

PDF Documents encrypted using the FileOpen software can be opened in a number of viewers other than Adobe Acrobat/Reader.

You can find them listed here https://www.fileopen.com/products/3rd-party-viewers

How can I tell if the File Open Plugin has been installed?

Open Adobe Reader. Go to Help -> about Adobe -> about third party plug-ins. 

If you can see “FileOpen Client” then the plug-in has been installed.

Where can I save my DRM pdf?

You can save the PDF on your computer or device, but it will then be locked to that device. Should you wish to access it on another device, you must download it there as well.

Do I need a connection to the internet to open my DRM pdf?

Yes, you’ll need to be connected in order to view your pdf.

How can I tell if I have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader?

To check if you have the latest version please follow the instructions from Adobe here

Why am I getting the error message: ”File Open cannot copy the Fileopen.api file to the plugin directory of your version of Adobe Reader”.

Be sure that you have Adobe Reader installed and closed. If you do not have the necessary Administrator rights to install software on your computer, please contact your IT administrator

Error Message: The Server message is meaningless?

The FileOpen Plugin requires the port 443 to register itself on your computer when you first open it only, you will need to review your security settings to allow this port to be used only the first time you open each protected file. Please consult your system administrator should you need help adjusting your computer settings.

What if I can’t access the fileopen.com website as its blocked by our IT department?

We have a copy that you can access here so you can download the plugins as needed.

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